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What We Do

[intro]We are one of the happy few that are able to translate concepts into reachable solutions and sheer profits. This is because we constantly build bridges between innovative ideas and proven technology. We have launched multiple cross media formats that contributed to the shareholder’s value of our clients: brand awareness, brand image, brand sympathy, target group involvement, product improvement, media synergy, and more…[/intro]


Audiovisual creation

Concept development and production of video, 3D and interactive formats.


Interim management

Short term or long term commitment for internal or external challenges.

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Business development

Wide network of professionals and new ways of thinking to reach goals.

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Latest Journal Posts

[intro]Multi media is doing the same thing on different channels. Cross media is to use the strength of one communication channel to enforce another.[/intro]
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General Process of Our Works

[intro]Creativity in fact is playing with existing information. The value is being created in relations to others. Therefore creativity is a system to make something new. We know how to make this system work and even better how you can make money with it. Some challenges require specific skills that you do not necessarily have in-house. We bring companies up to speed in the field of innovation and cross media strategy. Gazooom Network is an idea factory.[/intro]
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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]In this stage we can define goals, plans, storyboards, business models, calculations or whatever is needed to get things started or to bring projects at a higher level. In transition to the next stage we can do research and deliver profound analysis on products, marketing & sales or business optimization.
We use proved methods and techniques to advise substantiated and spot on.

We even have developed an unique Product Innovation Plan to help the creation of new ideas in a controlled process. The PIP is a template and a protocol to innovate within predefined time and costs. In the form of a quick scan, workshop or training on the job your team will receive a profound overview of the latest trends and will experience the tips & tricks to really think out of the box.
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[dropcap]O[/dropcap]In this stage we create real content or products being audio visuals, software tools, applications, interfaces, design, marketing campaigns, strategies or complete business plans. We can deliver graphical design, interaction design, work process design or technical design for digital environments. We can determine key performance indicators, meta data models and corporate change programs.

All deliveries are being controlled by project management or production methods depending on the type of work. Among others we practice Stage Gate, ITIL, MoSCoW, Aorta, Sushimi, Agile, Scrum, Milestones and Six Sigma. All proven methods are mentored by Gazooom at HAN Academy and include audio visual creation, digital media production, brand design, social media concepting, business intelligence and research. We constantly improve and tailor our approach
to the best solution for the job.

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[dropcap]R[/dropcap]Communication is the ultimate application of knowledge and emotion. All work that was created in the previous stages somehow must be published or implemented. We master all communication channels and act at the forefront of multimedia and cross media strategy. We truly believe that the real communication is not a one way street. Therefore it is essential to understand the receiver of the information or the user of the application. The ability to predict behavior enables the development of better products and more effective transmission.

Impress | Interact | Involve | Improve

[tab title=”Control”]
[dropcap]K[/dropcap]We think a project doesn’t stop at the promotion on an exhibition or at the launch of a website. As a matter of fact this is where it all starts. You should want to see the effect of your product or communication. Before we create a solution we first plan how to measure the effect. This can be event driven for example in a quick scan. But most of the time clients require a reliable and scalable system for long term monitoring or maintenance. In this stage we also pave the way for future developments and transfer documentation, manuals, project files, etcetera. This can also include a road map for dealing with digital asset management or clearing intellectual property rights.