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Enjoy our expertise in creating transmedia experiences

Creativity in fact is playing with existing information. The value is being created in relations to others. Therefore creativity is a system to make something new. We know how to make this system work and even better how you can make money with it.

We have launched multiple transmedia formats that contributed to the shareholder’s value of our clients: brand awareness, brand image, brand sympathy, target group involvement, product improvement, media synergy, and more.

Opportunity and strategy planning

We believe a project doesn’t stop with a booth at an exhibition or the launch of a website. As a matter of fact this is where it all starts. You want to see the effect of your product or communication. Before we create a solution we first plan how to measure the effect. This can be event driven; for example in a quick scan. But most of the time our clients require a reliable and scalable system for long term monitoring or maintenance.

We can define goals, plans, storyboards, business models, calculations or anything that is needed to get things started or to bring projects at a higher level. In transition to the next stage we can do research and deliver profound analysis on products, marketing & sales or business optimization.

Business Strategy

We create real content or products being audio visuals, software tools, applications, interfaces, design, marketing campaigns, strategies or complete business plans. We can deliver graphical design, interaction design, work process design or technical design for digital environments. We can determine key performance indicators, meta data models and corporate change programs.

Gazooom is the creator of the Miss Magnum campaign.

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