Innovation Panel

We believe concepts should be inspiring and involving

Formats should be involving and solutions must be inspiring rather than just supportive. They should mirror their user’s enthusiasm, enabling them to stretch their creative powers. Our mission is to show you the stepping stones to success and in addition offer a wide spread network of added value technology partners.

Change does not happen accidentally, it has to be managed. Having a vision is not sufficient, it has to be implemented. Successful companies excel on a limited set of key performance indicators. The challenge is to have the competence and the creativity to put concepts into the context of the consumer. We call this our CQ.

Idea factory

Creativity in fact is playing with existing information. The value is being created in relations to others. Therefore creativity is a system to make something new. We know how to make it work and even better how you can make money with it. Some challenges require specific skills that you do not necessarily have in-house. We bring companies up to speed in the field of innovation and cross media strategy.
Gazooom Network is an idea factory.

Innovative power

We even have developed an unique Product Innovation Plan to help the creation of new ideas in a controlled process. The PIP is a template and a protocol to innovate within predefined time and costs. We also have developed an investors DNA to see exactly where the money goes in your startup.

In the form of a quick scan, workshop or training on the job, your team will receive a profound overview of the latest trends and will experience the tips & tricks to really think outside box. We work for you and with you to get the projected results and share our creative force to develop products and spin offs.

Ready for use concepts

Case Studies