Interactive Panel

We create applications with massive global impact

Interactive application development is in our blood and mounted tot 20 years of experience in a wide variety of fields. We had serious fun with the creation of games on mobile devices with back then monochrome displays and later on PDA’s and set-top boxes for TV.

We worked for big brands and major advertising agencies. Now we are involved in interaction design beyond the screen with hi-tech solutions for advanced mobility improvements, life sciences and resilient future concepting.

Engagement by persuasive design

We were the first to adopt augmented reality and gesture interfacing. Now we experience an increase in demand for interactivity in serious business applications. One of our approaches towards this demand is the implementation of gamification. The use of game tactics and/or game mechanics in business environments showed results beyond expectation in contrast with the deployment of just a gadget or playful design.

Strong presence in

We also noticed our added value in innovative concepting with sensor technology and robotica. Already 12 years ago we developed our first virtual world within a real hydraulic sphere. 


Case Studies