Consultancy Panel

We're available for you anytime, anywhere, anyhow

First we work together on an accurate understanding of your goals and demands. This empathizing phases also teaches us how to tailor the approach in order to ensure success in your project.

Spending time with you to learn about your industry, enables us to offer insights about how we can impact your business, and allows us to help you shape the direction of your brand or your product.

Opportunity analysis and strategy planning

We are not limited to country borders. We spend six months in Russia, helped companies in Brazil and even delivered a product on the Marshall Islands. Also we’re not tied to magnitude of company or project. We guided teams of 100 members, did projects with a span of control in 12 countries and with the same effort mentored start ups.

Dare to dream

Proud to have worked in a leading role on all communications (internet, broadcast, mobile) for the General Assembly of NATO in Noordwijk. Below screenshots of corporate videos in the role of executive producer, scriptwriter and director.