ICT Panel

Working on the forefront of technological capabilities

Our work in the field of ICT varies from hard core infrastructure and networking to consultancy on architecture and performance to end user software. To name some: we were project lead for an ultra secure ICT and satellite infrastructure for the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

We did a Microsoft migration in twelve countries for a global record label. We managed mission critical implementations with high compliancy for companies in the financial industry. We initiated continuous delivery in an extreme high volume cloud service.

Solutions rather than products

Although we partner with development companies for the coding, we have a proven track record in the delivery of value adding software solutions; even authoring tools for software designers. We love to be part of innovation teams and to share our knowledge and experience in this respect. 

Focus areas

We were early adopters of eye tracking technology and augmented reality. In example we created a complete virtual world with force feedback features and biometrics for the training of mentors in mental health institutions.

At the moment we are involved in multiple software projects in the automotive industry. We also focus on the application of blockchain technology to enable smart contracting and we have clients in the coin market. Another main driver is the implementation of artificial intelligence in business environments.


Case Studies

Product specifications