Broadcast Panel

Experience our many years of broadcast work

We were the first to implement live interactive television and won an Academy Award for it. We worked for all national and regional broadcasters in the Netherlands with technological solutions in the field of graphics mixing or radio automation. Our career in television started with the dubbing of cartoons. 

We wrote scripts for 300 hours of children’s programs and did the audio engineering for broadcast and video releases. Not only for the Dutch television but also video releases like Bugs Bunny and Yogi Bear. 
Additionally sound design for commercials, audio books and station identities.

We help media companies not only with television, but also to tell-a-vision

We have developed radio play out for Skyradio and Veronica’s Top2000. We did the broadcasting of election results for regional channels.

We created interactive applications like tamagochis for RTL and Sanoma. We did digital asset management for MTV and evangelic broadcasting station EO. We did consultancy for international satellite channels.

We optimized ICT infrastructures for national public broadcasters.


We did the complete creation of multiple special interest channels, like eSports, music channels and the local news, including business models and affiliate networks. And we created the complete infrastructure and content for narrowcasting channels, like hospital TV and for retail.

Scripts & Audio engineering

TV Formats